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Blog Tour - All The Feels by Danika Stone

I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for a book that I am sure all book nerd are going to love. Danika Stone's ALL THE FEELS is a must read for anyone who has ever been part of a fandom and I am so excited to be able to share a fantastic guest post from her today along with an AMAZING giveway.

Here is Danika's guest post on the different kinds of relationships within All The Feels.

Not (Just) Friends

I have an admission: I hate romantic tropes in YA. Wait, wait! Before you yell at me, I want to explain. It’s not that those tried and true plots are bad. They aren’t. But—if you’ve read enough of them—they can feel contrived.

When I wrote All the Feels, I wanted a story that went beyond the brooding YA hero trope into a realistic story of friends and falling in love. I wanted Liv and Xander to be my end game, but I also wanted the story of their friendship to stand on its own.

 photo BroodingYA_zpsisunkgi4.gif

All the Feels follows the ups and downs of friendship rather than just finding ‘the one’. In writing it, I explored the various facets of interactions, for both same-sex and opposite-sex characters. Here are some of my favorite non-romantic relationships in the book.

1. Liv and her mother: Mother-Daughter Friendship. One of the nicest parts of writing All the Feels was finding the right voice for Liv’s mother. She has a genuine love for her daughter, and Liv for her. Even though they don’t always see eye to eye, they still support one another throughout the ups and downs of life.

2. Liv and Hank: Crush/Friendship. The one-sided attraction of a crush is something that every reader will be able to identify with. In All the Feels, Liv’s attraction to Hank, and his complete obliviousness to her burgeoning feelings, is cringe-worthy, but definitely true to life.

3. Liv and Arden: Acquaintance Friendship. One of the pricklier relationships in the book is Liv’s interaction with Xander’s girlfriend, Arden. There’s a hint of jealousy in Liv, even though Arden’s efforts to help her are genuine. That sort of female competitiveness is something many young women will recognize. Arden supports Liv despite the difficulties they have.

4. Liv and Xander: Best Friends. Liv and Xander’s friendship shifts throughout the book, but one part element the same, their complete devotion to one another. Xander never balks at helping Liv and she provides him with the same support. The tone of their relationship is malleable, but their core love for one another—as friends—never wavers. And that’s even before the romance begins!

 photo BestFriends_zpsb4xeh1ob.gif 

In the end, writing a realistic experience of friendship is more important to me than giving readers an unrealistic perception of the perfect person waiting to sweep you off your feet. Because who in the end is more perfect than a friend who totally gets you?

A huge thank you to Danika for taking the time to stop by the blog and for writing a fun post that offers a glimpse into the writing of the book and the characters within it. I can attest that ALL THE FEELS does a wonderful job at portraying these different types of relationships within it's pages. It is a feel good book and one that I truly believe everyone will finish with a smile on their face.

Danika and Raincoast Books have kindly offered up a prize pack for each stop of this tour. It's filled with AMAZING goodies that fit the book perfectly. 

I need a 'Just Ship It' button so much! How cute are those paper dolls?! The prize also contains your very own copy of All The Feels so you can experience this delightful read for yourself.

To win you simply need to fill out the Rafflecopter form below. The contest is open to
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Stop by the blog on Thursday when I share my review of All The Feels! In the meantime be sure to enter the giveaway below and good luck!

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  1. Ohhhh what fandoms am I a part of? There are too many too list so I'll list as many of my favourites :)

    Any Markus Zusak book fandom,
    Any John Green book fandom,
    Pretty much all my books that I've read and loved.
    Markiplier (YouTube gamer)
    Jacksepticeye (YouTube gamer)
    Several other Youtubers :3

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a lovely book :) its sometimes saddening to always see "US only" for giveaways so seeing Canada included or just for us here really lifts my spirits! Thank you so much again!!! Have a lovely day/night! (Its night where I live 😂 )
    I'm excited to read more posts from your blog!!


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