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Sing by Vivi Greene

Sing by Vivi Greene
Release Date - May 31, 2016
Publisher Website - Harper Collins
Publisher Social Media - Twitter/Facebook/SavvyReader/Frenzy
Pages - 288 pages
My Rating - 4/5
**received from publisher for an honest review**

Here is the Goodreads synopsis
America’s most famous pop star flees the spotlight to recover from her latest break-up in Maine—only to fall for a local boy and be faced with an impossible choice at the end of the summer: her new guy, or her music.

Multiplatinum pop icon Lily Ross’s biggest hits and biggest heartbreaks (because they are one and the same):

1. AGONY. (That feeling when her ex ripped her heart out of her chest and she never saw it coming.)
2. GHOSTS. (Because even famous people are ghosted by guys sometimes. And it sucks just as much.)
3. ONCE BITTEN. (As in: twice shy. Also, she’s never dating an actor or a musician ever again.)

But this summer’s going to be different. After getting her heart shattered, Lily is taking herself out of the spotlight and heading to a small island in middle-of-nowhere Maine with her closest friends. She has three months until her fall tour starts-three months to focus on herself, her music, her new album. Anything but guys.

That is . . . until Lily meets sweet, down-to-earth local Noel Bradley, who is so different from anyone she’s ever dated. Suddenly, Lily’s “summer of me” takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself falling deeper and harder than ever before. But Noel isn’t interested in the limelight. She loves Noel-but she loves her fans, too. And come August, she may be forced to choose. 
If you're a fan of Taylor Swift this book is probably already on your radar. It's eye catching cover and premise ensured this one had a lot of buzz behind it. Lucky, Vivi Green provides us with a endearingly sweet read that anyone can enjoy. This is the perfect read for your summer beach bag if you're looking for something a little fluffy with an endearing main character.

The obvious hook of a Taylor Swift inspired main character may be what draws you on the surface. There are certainly some similarities between Lily and Taylor Swift, but it doesn't go much beyond the obvious. Both girls like to use their personal experiences to formulate and drive their art. If there is any of Taylor within these pages it would be the girl who first started out in the business. The one who was more of a country girl and hadn't yet become the business savvy, smart young woman who currently dominates the charts. Lily still feels like she's learning her way in this new world she's found herself in. Those hesitant to pick up this book due to this particular hook will be thrilled to discover that it doesn't dominate the novel, and Lily quickly becomes her own character instead of a stand in. Those who are drawn because of the hook will find enough within these pages to satisfy.

Lily and her personal growth and discovery is the most developed and honest part of the novel. The emotional connection is made because you quickly come to care about her. She's flawed, and often makes rash and ill advised decisions, but those choices feel authentic to her character. She is impulsive and is definitely a product of her environment. She's been moulded, for better and worse, by her fame. I appreciated that the author did not make her perfect, and had the character address those imperfections in a light hearted, but resonate way.

It should be no surprise that romance plays a large factor in this story. It's a prevalent plot focus and one that does drive the story forward. It also becomes so much more than just a novel about romance because it dives into how the characters relate to their romances. It questions the impact those romances have on their lives, and them as a person. It doesn't exist in a vacuum and that is entirely refreshing.

The friendship elements of this novel were also well crafted. We see how easily distance can creep into a friendship. Friendships are just as much work as any other relationship. The require effort, and care. The benefit and of putting in that effort is celebrated within the pages. The tension that comes as a result of these bonds is just as dynamic as any of the romantic tension in this case. The nuanced way these relationships and their complexities were written really stood out for me.

If you're looking for summery read whose hook is only part of its charm, look no further. Sing offers a sweet look at a summer romance, but ultimately is about a girl learning about herself. It truly offers it's main character a chance to shine, and that adds just a little more sparkle to a familiar story.

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