Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My Sinemia Experiment: Month 4

Month four of my 'Year of Sinemia' experiment was mostly enjoyable. It was another great month at the movies but one filled with tech glitches. The payment details that Sinemia provides to purchase the ticket don't often work right away. It can often take multiple tries to get the ticket to confirm which is beyond frustrating (even if it does eventually work). Anyone thinking of signing up should be aware that this has been an issue that mainly seems to be impacting Cineplex theatres from what I can tell (which happens to be my theatre chain of choice). 

The three movies I saw in November with my Sinemia account were Boy Erased, Ralph Breaks The Internet, and Widows. 

The movie I liked the most out of the three was Boy Erased. It's a tough watch but worth it in my opinion (review coming soon on the blog). Ralph Breaks The Internet was a fun time and the Disney Princess stuff was by far my favourite part of the movie. Widows left me wanting more in a lot of ways. It was not as good as I hoped it would be even as I recognize how others could really love it.

My savings for this month was $19.34 after taking the convenience fees into consideration. This brings my grand total savings up to $94.68 (last month's total was $75.34). I saw Ralph Breaks The Internet in 3D.

Four months in and I feel like a pro at going to the movies by myself. The inner voice that told me everyone in the theatre was judging me for being by myself has pretty much disappeared. This experiment is showing me how to like my own company in a way that I didn't really expect when I started it. I may even say that I LIKE going to the movies by myself now. I get to pick when and where I see it. I can travel halfway across the city to the one theatre that is showing the movie that I want to see if I want. I don't have to think about anyone else's schedule. It's still great to go with friends and I miss talking to people about the movies after I see them but I don't hate going alone anywhere near what I did previously.

The other exciting thing in movie news is that I'll soon have more options of where I can go watch movies using Sinemia. ByTowne Cinema, a theatre that often showcases movies that are not available in other theatres including harder to find Oscar contenders, will soon have online ticket sales. It was cash only previously which meant it was not an option under Sinemia (as they provide a credit card number for you to book the ticket online). This change will happen in the early part of the new year and I am so excited. I am going to contact Sinemia to get them to add it as soon as it is available.

As I begin seeing my three December movies I can't help but think of all the amazing sounding movie offerings the new year will bring. This experiment has definitely ensured I have seen more movies than I ever have before and I think it is going to be hard to go back to not having it. We still have eight months so we'll see but, even with the hiccups I have had, this program has already proven it's worth (or at least a program like it).

I'll end this was a plea for suggestions. January is looking pretty empty in terms of movies I want to see. This does not include any of the Oscar movies that Ottawa inevitably gets later than everywhere else with some of them being limited release at first. I may struggle to find three that I want to see (possibly) so, dear blog readers, what movies are you excited for in January? Let me know in the comments.

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