Monday, December 31, 2018

Best Of 2018 - Movies

As we say goodbye to 2018 I thought I would share my top ten list of the best movies I saw in 2018. I kept this to movies that came out this year to help narrow it down.

These are in no particular order (as that would be impossible). There are also some movies that have come out in 2018 that I haven't had a chance to see yet (like If Beale Street Could Talk, Vice, On The Basis of Sex to name a few).

Here is my Best Movies of 2018 list:

1. A Star Is Born

My gushy review (or the fact that I saw this four times in theatres) probably already indicated this movie would be on this list. I love this movie and I will totally be rooting for it to do well this awards season. It was a critical and commercial success and is filled with a stunning, career best performance from Bradley Cooper, a fantastic supporting turn for Sam Elliott, and introduces Lady Gaga as an actress to watch.

2.The Favourite

Three powerhouse performances from Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone are the heart of this movie. It's a darkly humourous, feminist look at the ways in which these ladies use and are used. It flips the genre of period drama on its head and offers up a refreshing take. Watch out for Coleman to clean up during awards season!

3. BlacKkKlansman

An important movie whose gut punch ending is the stuff that stays with you. This movie has lots of humour, but it is the more serious elements that make you realize the message of this movie. Things, sadly, have not changed all that much in the years since this movie was set. All this combined with solid performances from the whole cast make this an easy one to put on this list.

4. A Simple Favor

Possibly the most fun I had at the movies this year in terms of sheer enjoyment. Blake Lively gives a career best performance as the 'bad girl' to Anna Kendrick's equally well done 'good girl'. This movie has more twists than I could count, ensures that Henry Golding will continue to see his star rise, and is more funny than you're expecting.

5. Love, Simon

This movie is a joy to watch. It's a sweet, heartfelt rom-com that also has some great family stuff at its core. Nick Robinson charms as Simon and you'll easily be rooting for him to get his happy ending.

6. Crazy Rich Asians

This movie not only had cultural significance but was another movie that offered a fun night out at the movies. Constance Wu shines as Rachel Wu. Henry Golding charms as Nick Young. The romance is sweet and filled with just enough angst. The movie itself is gorgeous to look at with a bright colour palette and beautiful Singapore setting.

7. Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

My personal pick for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars this year. If you're a fan of Spiderman, superhero movies, or just good animation I highly recommend this one. It's a classic origin story, complete with epic moments, and it hits all of the right notes.

8. Boy Erased

A powerful movie filled with solid performances. This one may not have been a 'fun' time at the movies, but it was one that lingered with me long after I had finished watching it. It is one that I wish would be seen by those who most need to see it (which sadly will not happen).

9. Avengers: Infinity War

This one is on my list for the experience of seeing it alone. There is nothing like experiencing a huge pop cultural moment with a theatre full of fellow fans. The movie was big, loud, and pretty much everything I wanted it to be. The humour was pitch perfect, and the characters and the bonds built between them were used to great impact. This was a hard movie to pull off and Marvel not only did it, but they nailed it. The heartbreaking ending ensure that everyone will be just as eager to see Endgame and I cannot wait.

10. Black Panther 

Michael B Jordan's villainous turn as Killmonger is only one of the stand out elements of this excellent superhero movie. Ryan Coogler's directing makes this feel both familiar and unique with his attention to the little details that set this apart from the other Marvel movies. 

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