Friday, May 3, 2019

The End Of My Sinemia Experiment

There is a saying that if something seems to good to be true it is probably because it is. That turned out to be exactly the case with Sinemia. This month, as the title suggests, marks the end of my Sinemia experiment.

I had a lot of issues attempting to use the service in March. I was only able to use one of my three movies. I went to go see The Aftermath which I thought had some good acting in it. 

The app was pretty much not usable for most of March and their customer support is almost nonexistent (or supremely unhelpful when they did reply). After many messages, and a lot of aggravation on my end, I finally found out the reason for all of the troubles. Sinemia filed for bankruptcy in the United States and ceased operations there immediately.

They are supposedly still operating in Canada but their Twitter support has been silent since the announcement and the app is not working. I suspect this is because they have no money to allow their customers to purchase tickets and without support there is nowhere to go to for assistance.

I am hoping that Cineplex will eventually offer a subscription based service that is more sustainable. I loved going to the movies as much as I did and do think it is the future of movies (just not in this model which seems unsustainable).

I am going to still continue going to any of the movies I really want to see. I am going to just be a little more selective as I'll be pay full price again. 

Sinemia was great when it actually worked and the idea of making movies more accessible to all is a nice one but it ultimately sounds like this model of subscription service is not a good one. I am going to be interested in seeing what happens as things move forward with both the future of these subscription services and Sinemia itself

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