Tuesday, December 3, 2019

2020 Most Anticipated - The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

The next book in my 2020 Most Anticipated event is one that doesn't have a lot revealed about it, but what has been revealed has basically made me want it immediately.

It has a deal with the devil, sounds pretty romantic, and is written by one of my favourite authors. It is, naturally, The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V. E. Schwab.

The Goodreads page doesn't have much of a synopsis yet because this book is not going to be out until sometime in late 2020. Victoria has, however, teased it a bit on her Instagram. Here is how she described it on there:
ADDIE is about a young French woman who is terrified of being buried in the same place she was born. She tries to make a deal with the devil—for freedom, for time, for eternal life—but the devil refuses, because he doesn’t get her soul until the deal is done, and if she lives forever, he’ll never get his reward. In a moment of reckless desperation, she says he can have her soul when she doesn’t want to live anymore. Sensing an opportunity, the devil agrees. He grants her the ability to live forever...and curses her to be forgotten by everyone she meets. ADDIE is about how you matter in a world where you can’t leave a mark, and follows their relationship over 300 years, and what happens when she meets a boy in 2014 NYC who somehow remembers her name.

I’ve been working on this book for 8 YEARS, and these days I’m pitching it as Interview with a Vampire meets Rebecca, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to finally read it next Fall :)
I am all sorts of intrigued by this one boy who can remember her name. That, to me, just seems really romantic, but Victoria has also teased that there may be a romance of sorts between the devil and Addie. I am also here for the Interview with a Vampire comparison.

My top three reasons for wanting to read The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue:

1. The author! V. E. Schwab's books are always incredible and I especially love the idea of her writing this particular story. It seems to fit her style perfectly.

2. The deal with the devil element. I have yet to experience this done really well in book format and I am pretty confident this is going to be the one to do it.

3. The characters! Addie already fascinates me. She is going to have this perspective that seems very unique to me. She'll almost have a very vampire like perspective but she, obviously, won't be drinking blood or biting people. Adding to this the aspect of everyone forgetting her and it must be a very lonely existence. There is also the character of the devil and I can only imagine how fascinating and compelling he will be. 

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue releases autumn 2020 and is therefore not up for preorder just yet.  Please do follow Victoria on Twitter so that you find out more details about the book as they become available, and add it to your Goodreads to be read list as well so you won't forget to preorder when it does become available.

Do you need this book as much as I do? Is it also on your 2020 most anticipated list? Let me know in the comments.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to for the next book on my 2020 most anticipated list. 

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