Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

2021 was not the year that any of us wanted or expected. I am not sure how I feel with the start of 2022 upon us, but I am wishing and hoping for a better year compared to the last two.

Be kind to yourselves. Don't make any resolutions if you don't want to. Celebrate the little moments when you can.

One of my biggest goals for myself next year is to be more present in my real life. The pandemic has taught me how precious those moments are and I don't want to live them through an online lens. I also want to get back my reading mojo. It's been severely lacking thanks to  *gestures wildly* everything going on. I am going to hopefully focus more on what makes me happy and doom scroll way less.

Here is to endings and beginnings ....

I hope your year starts off however you hope it would. Happy New Year!


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