Thursday, November 8, 2012

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. It's a great way to meet new blogger friends. This weeks question is:

Q: Do you mind books with similar ideas to other books? Similar concepts, backgrounds, retellings or pulled-to-publish fanfic?

No, not really. I think most ideas are a modification of some other idea anyways. Everything is inspired by, or influenced by something. I think that if an author can take it, twist it and make it their own is what matters.

A direct copy of something with minor changes would be a turn off, but otherwise it's all about how the author approaches it.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Agreed. Old follower via GFC. My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Friday! :D

  2. Hopping through. Yup. The only time I really dislike it is when it's too obviously copied.
    My Hop

  3. Hi!
    Your question response is like mine, I totally agree.
    New follower via GFC:)
    My F&F:

  4. Hopping by, I agree.

  5. I agree completely.
    New follower via NetworkedBlogs!

  6. It's the direct copies that I've been seeing lately that concern me, but I agree, as long at there is a unique twist, I'm happy!

    I'm a new follower! Here is my FFF

  7. I agree! I don't mind as long as there seems to be some original thought put into the story.


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